Why do people think that acts of kindness and selflessness restore our ‘humanity’…

In the most cynical way, being human is about being unable to control yourself; to any and every thing. Enduring hopelessly dysfunctional relationships, surrendering to societal arbitrariness, rampant selfishness (voluntary or involuntary), slipping down the concentration gradient of laziness~ LET’S BE HONEST HERE, humans are doomed as a species. The plight we face today is, frankly, premeditated. Be it intelligent design, an act of god, or evolution; our final destination is overtly catastrophic.

The concept of ‘humanity’ is a travesty. Even the definintion of the word is a tragic injustice:

1. the quality or state of being kind to other people or to animals

2. all people

As far as I’m concerned, the only acceptable use of the word ‘humanity’ lies in the latter of the duo.

‘Kindness’ is just as selfish as everything else a human can possibly do. You only give to the poor because you obtain personal utility (gratification knowing that you helped someone?). Hopefully it’s psychological in nature, if not then you’re comparatively more of a materialistic degenerate than the rest of us; harvesting tangible yield under a veil of kindness, shame on you… Join the rest of commercialism…

If you’re not convinced as to why a selfless act cannot exist in it’s entirety, I will further divulge for the good riddance of your naivety:

Through virtue ethics, it would be perceivable that we can never be selfless because we stand to gain something in everything we do, even if it’s infinitesimal. You work because you get paid, you’re charitable because you feel good, you help because you’re now a ‘good samaritan’. Your inherent character therefore defines you as selfish because as a human you cannot physically and psychologically do anything without getting something favourable in return, tragically it’s universally human so don’t grieve.

Through consequentialism, you might believe you’re selfless because what you’ve done has incurred positive externalities on society. However, inevitably, you’ve also gained from it, and therefore you’re still selfish. Sorry. Although, slightly less as you’ve offset the internal with the external: you earned $5 but they earned $10, you’re Bill Gates but then you’re Bill Gates… (not taking anything away from him and his foundation; an angel amongst the demons) You cannot possibly eliminate emotional or psychological utility, in fact in most cases it is the only motivating factor. Why do you think hope is legendary in it’s willpower? Because it is!

Then there’s deontological ethics; but let’s be real, deontology is the most subjective of the normative theories. ‘Adherence to rules’  determines ethical action? Total bullshit. We made the rules! However, deontology does raise an interesting case for selflessness (but still invalid): a spontaneous ‘act of kindness’. An old lady falls over and you instantly dive to her aid. Yet it’s an instinctive and impulsive response; humans are creatures of habit. Your consciousness has conformed to the socially instilled value that you as a member of a community is expected to assist the needy. You’re brain has therefore bypassed the decision stage with synapses directly between the orient and act stages (Boyd’s OODA cycle); acting before you’ve even processed the specific situation before you. However, you’ve previously established that by harmonizing with the apparent social normalities you ultimately gain utility (social acceptance, possibility for collaboration, desired perception of oneself, etc). Even though you acted immediately without considering the outcomes, you’ve already premeditated your response. Sorry you’re still selfish.


Fashion is Dead.

Fashion is an expression, not a statement. It’s about cultivating individuality, tacit communication, and expressing yourself completely. Tragically, fashion has been hijacked by the egoistic for their pompous affirmations, external gratification, and ostentatious proclamations. Ego, conceit, prestige, exclusivity, profitability; merely a fraction of the viruses that have corrupted and perverted the industry, and society. Unfortunately, the industry is a slave to the modern business environment; a system consequence. The house merlot is not real wine; fashion is no longer real art.


Our world is now officially doomed, ladies and gentlemen, the legalization of LGBT marriages is the beginning of the end. Mark my words, I can prove it, with science, behold~

The penis is supposed to enter the vagina. Homosexuality is psychological and voluntary, the only correction needed is forbiddance and reeducation! UNDISPUTED SOURCE: it’s science.

But then again I wouldn’t trust the gnarly Norwegians either… Fuck knows what the vikings have been up to…

Opposite sex marriages are NOT natural, it’s in the nature around us! In fact most species are have been known to commence formal, holy matrimony is naturally occurring offices of legal recognition, ensuring their relationships are recognized by natural legislation, it’s all official! Ask god! Why else would Penguins wear suits?

Oh might I add, same sex marriages also cause flooding. The imminent and incredulous volume of tears that flow during such celebrations in fact cause substantial amounts of precipitation within the locale of the wedding; assert the butterfly effect if must.

Our climate is also at the mercy of the homosexuals unfortunately; now we’re royally fucked. Not only are we psychologically tormented by the knowledge that LGBT sex occurs on a regular basis in the vicinity of their own homes, we now have to acknowledge that our environment can be damaged!

  • Homosexuals in close proximity + very emotional = higher average earth temperature
  • More destination weddings (gay weddings are more sentimental and extravagant) = more CO2 emissions
  • Gays love rainbows -> Hawaii has the most rainbows -> Flights to Hawaii -> More CO2 emissions

No, don’t recycle, conserve, carpool, or use renewable energy; just stop LGBT marriages! Priorities.

Cherish what colour vision you have left because soon we’ll all be colour blind… The rainbow pandemic is upon us, the time draws nigh, the end is near~ The over exposure of bright colours is known to cause irreversible retina damage by exhausting your photoreceptor cells. I don’t wanna be colour blind, do you? What if I cut the wrong wire at my next bomb disposal? Or if I run a red light and hit a cunt? Who’s the cunt then? Oh fuck I can’t take this anymore put me out of my misery.

By the way, now that LGBT weddings are a thing, straight weddings are now less respected as well. So if you’re engaged you might want to look into an alternative long term arrangement… You definitely don’t want to do anything an LGBT would also do right? Yeah don’t watch The Ellen Show, don’t listen to Elton John, D&G and Armani are off limits, don’t even look at the Mona Lisa or fly in a helicopter cuz Leonardo was as bent as his aerial screw…

Satire is so fun isn’t it?

Gap Year – Part 5: London, Unity, and the All-Too-Relevant Concerns in LYFE

I was incredibly afraid of travelling to London. I felt that spending a brief two weeks would be painfully ineffectual. The inability of sustaining anything traditionally productive (building relationships, networking, gaining work experience, etc) was disconcerting. I was worried I’d relinquish my initiative and inquisitiveness trying to acclimatize myself to divergent surroundings – both physically and culturally – and ultimately participate in nothing significant. Abidingly apprehensive of eventually trading time and money, and most of all my consciousness, for the cheap thrills of inexhaustible consumerism; that sweat woven with her sweat: scoured of her blood and bleached of her tears, stamped with the injustice of a generation delivered into slavery. The detestable world beyond my understanding was overwhelmingly distressing…

thames london night low shutter speed gap year 2015 taeosworld theodore123211

I’m glad I was wrong. There’s an effectual experience to be had in every step of life as long as you’ve got with you the mindset of a collective being~ What I mean in that is the enlightenment of the human condition. To realize the only strength is in unity, and to embrace the insignificance of the self. I’m not a communist, nor am I a collectivist, individualist, capitalist, socialist, etc, etc. But it’s apparent that only as a species can we amount to anything significant. ‘Significant’ of course, is rather subjective, but my definition would definitely be the aggregate progression of our species.
“Unity is complex beyond measure; likely the most convoluted task we can, and will, ever face. But if realized even for a brief moment, would warrant my death without question.”
I was able to spend quite a bit of time wandering around London, without any substantial anxieties; aside from the immediate humanistic needs of my existence, which is a novelty for me! Very literally THE defining moment of being a tourist for me.
british museum trafalgar square night wanderlust gap year 2015 london monument theodore123211 taeosworld boris bike barclays fist bump pigeons bridge thames travelling

Wanderlust~ Couldn’t say it’s recommended to brave the streets of London past midnight… #getshanked

“It’s easy to admit you’re lost, but to embrace it as intrepid wanderlust, to genuinely travel; a destination unknown, a schedule unprojected, one step at a time, left at the World’s liberty~”

 breakfast club english oyster boroughs market london 2015 gap year theodore123211 taeosworld weatherspoons salad pancakes

stepping into the unknown london gap year 2015 taeosworld theodore123211

Steppin~ UNI-QLO stretchiness is unrivaled.

It’s a feeling so visceral, ephemeral, ethereal almost; every time I’m flooded with this fixation and isolation (in the present) it’s as if I’m finally free~ However, it’s worth noting that this temperament is not exactly unfamiliar, as I’ve been able to identify it in most of my favourite activities (mountain biking, motocross, kitesurfing), so obviously it’s something I’ve subconsciously been seeking. However, although my phone did get nicked the first day in London I primed another ASAP, so I’ll let the visuals do the talking~
buildings raw pano
london gap year 2015 taeosworld theodore123211
chinatown leicster london gap year 2015 taeosworld theodore123211


british museum ceiling trippy edgy gap year 2015 london theodore123211 taeosworld

Stahp being trippy British Museum :O

organic wholefoods london theodore123211 fresh ingredients taeosworld

How can you not enjoy grocery shopping when food exhibits like this exist! WHOLEFOODS FTW~

Gap Year – Part 4: The Adventure Begins~

Technically my gap ‘year’ only really starts – psychologically at least – late November or December with uni apps no longer burning a hole in the back of my mind. However, March is when things really open up; with Fall 2015 locked in and chinese new year celebrations concluded. Therefore I’ve decided to go to London, Toronto, and back to Hawaii. Hopefully I manage to stay motivated and ‘bothered’ to do more than just sightseeing and eating~

london heathrow hong kong airport moscow sheremetyevo  fly 2015 gap year theodore123211 taeosworld

HKG>SVO>LHR  ~  Flying economy ain’t that bad when you have three seats off season

Although these destinations aren’t exactly a novelty, I value the cultural experience and change in surroundings far more than the gruesome accomplishment of an epic expedition. In addition to the extensive physical, physiological, and psychological preparation necessary, it’s good to not have to worry about potentially dying all the time… Stay tuned~ Catch me if you can! (Interesting movie too~)

SVO moscow sheremetyevo airport transfer flight theodore123211 taeosworld


moscow svo sheremetyevo airport theodore123211 taeosworld

A Bereft of Literature: Basically Why I Can’t Do Novels (after a long beat around the bush)

After months of deliberation, with many, I feel it’s time to conclusively clarify why I don’t and cannot do novels. Since childhood I’ve been discouraged due to the exceptionally slow spead at which I read, subsequently I never developed habitual reading. Of all the books I’ve read – fiction and nonfiction – I could literally list them, therefore I shall: (many of which were school books, obviously Dr Seuss and Curious George don’t count)


Alex Rider Series
The Gatekeepers Series (1, 2 and half of the third)
Percy Jackson Series (1 – 3)
Cherub Series
Henderson’s Boys Series
Holes by Louis Sachar
Kensuke’s Kingdom
The Sound of Waves
Raisin in the Sun
Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
A Doll’s House
Assorted Academic Poems (most memorable of which was Carol Anne Duffy’s: A World’s Wife)
Flash Boys by Michael Lewis
Freakonomics by Levitt & Dubner

UNFINISHED (at least more than 10 pages?)

The Lean Startup
Revolution by Russell Brand
Who Moved my Cheese?
1984 (Orwell)
Less Than Zero by Bret Easton Ellis
Freefall by Nicolai Lillin

There’re probably several books I’ve missed, but then again if you’ve forgotten that you’ve read them then you haven’t read them at all, have you?      –     Updated 17th January 2015

contemporary collection books revolution russell brand freakonomics levitt dubner bret easton ellis less than zero american psycho strange case jekyll hyde rework doll's house george orwell 1984 lean startup michael lewis flash boys

My current collection… Very humble indeed HAHAHAHA

If you’ve managed to cling onto this strange and boring post then great, lets continue~ This lack of linguistic exploration often confuses me because if not for reading how do I ‘know’ english? It sure as hell wasn’t from GCSE and IB English. But I’ve realized, for me, hearing the language must’ve worked wonders; television, movies, teachers, friends, conversations, etc. Actually it has formed the basis of my communicative ability and if you asked me with a gat at my temple what a modal verb or past participle was (well I know now cuz I googled them) I would be human mist.

I do not believe in stringent spelling and scrupulous syntax requirements. The fact that colleges stress this – through administering the bane of the earth: the SAT – is quite disappointing and totally archaic. Academic and deterministic perfection – which is what is required – doesn’t imply, and definitely doesn’t encourage an effectual ‘education’ or conducive learning environment… OPEN YOUR EYES

Novels are stories. Basically I’m an extremely ineffective reader, something about having to visualize and manifest someone else’s imagery is somewhat dear (Opportunity cost! Time is money, money is time, so in both ways I guess). It’s also a tremendous psychological struggle for me to stay mentally fixated on a novel, particularly during verbose narratives and painfully descriptive extracts. I find myself re-reading paragraphs, pages, chapters even, from borderline ADD. Yes yes I know:

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”
― George R.R. Martin

There’s a great deal to be learnt from stories, but I feel most of these ‘morals’ can be just as effectively received in the medium of film, therefore I’ve indulged in a fruitful plethora of movies! The visual stimulation: the production, acting, cinematography, basically everything that turns a script into a movie. Not the special effects or CGI. Besides, the substantially more efficient process is deeply reassuring! Hopefully I keep this updated~

A Battle Will Be Fought. And Won.

As I sit here with my eggs and pasta I can only think of one thing; the 26th of January.

After my hot shower I decided it was time to eat the ripe baby bellas sitting in the fridge, along with the half opened onion. While I was sautéing my mushrooms and onions I figured they needed more moisture so I asked Juli (our filipino domestic helper who washes, cleans, cooks and takes care of my grandma) to hand me the olive oil since she was in the pantry area. As she headed towards me I turned around with the skillet for a quick pour but tapped her hand with the edge of the pan by accident. I shrieked and recoiled thinking I had just burnt her (not even), but it was at this moment she muttered the most shocking phrase that is so categorically her. Something along the lines of ‘Oh it’s okay, it wasn’t deep in the heart~’ The fact that she said ~ you didn’t hurt me deep in my heart, had me in internal tears of joy; as an extremely pessimistic person it was far beyond admirable.

Hong Kong as a weakly regulated free market literally allows legal slavery at $4010 HKD a month. Take a look at the press release: http://www.info.gov.hk/gia/general/201309/30/P201309300438.htm

Countless cases of torture and mistreatment exist, if you read some of the well publicized occurrences you’ll find it truly unbelievable how emotionally detached these ‘masters’ can get. At such a low cost, most Hong Kong households can hire a FDH yet simultaneously increase their collective productivity and income, but many are incapable of sustaining one. I won’t go into all the specifics of their cruelty, but it ranges from insomnia, overworked hours, starvation, underpayment, to torture, abuse and mutilation… If you actually cared you’d read about it~ One among the many campaigns going around: http://hkhelperscampaign.com/en/scrap-the-2-week-rule/

Now back to Juli. She is the most joyful, positive and enjoyable soul you’d find on the face of the earth. She’s 46 and a mother of 4, all daughters. Of all the years she’s been with us I’ve never witnessed negativity, ever, merely short-lived discontent. She’s extended family; I don’t understand how someone can possibly remain hostile and withhold even something as minor as resentment (as opposed to the malevolent hatred or abusive violence that’s out there) towards someone who works in your household (your place of warmth, love and abode if you were wondering) and often more work than she’s bound to (legally, morally, ethically, PHYSICALLY). And now we’re approaching another hurdle that we must face together, fuckin thyroid cancer.

unconditional happiness joy forever juli taeosworld theodore123211

Juli and her antics will forever be the definition of unconditional happiness~

Of all the people in the fucking world it’s all-star angelic JULI? Like where is medical science, physics and religion? She lived in rural Philippines (mountains, farms, totally organic and shit), has literally NO stress because she doesn’t allow herself to be entrapped by the bottomless oblivion of negativity, sleeps early, has a healthy active lifestyle, rarely ever sick, doesn’t smoke or drink, basically I don’t know how the fuck whatever higher power up there decided cancer should duel her…

After an expedited PET and CT scan she’s now ready to enter the gladiatorial theatre on the 26th of January. We’ve prayed, blessed, wished, paid, I don’t know what else can be done, but she sure as hell won’t be unarmed to her fight. Operation will be followed by targeted therapy, so at least she won’t be in as much pain (as opposed to chemo). Wish her all the best ❤ It’s stage 3 but the doctor did say we should be optimistic so I guess there isn’t a death grip after all~